2014 Summer Marching Band Information


If you did not attend the parent meeting on 7th, please make sure your student picks up the forms from school. it is imperative that these forms are completed and returned for every Band and Guard student. Click on the forms tab above to view and print


Thank You For Showing Us Your Spirit

Thank you to everyone for showing your support for the Band and Guard program by eating out Raising canes on Tuesday night.


Fort Bend County Fair

Friday 26th Sept

We have been given the honor of marching in the parade this year! We also have a game that evening, so this will be a VERY full day. We don't know the exact schedule for the parade yet, but we do know that it will most likely be warm! The uniform for the parade will be their BLUE band shirt that they will be receiving that week and BLACK  dress-code-appropriate SHORTS!  We are also in need of a parent with a pick-up truck who would be willing to drive behind the band and carry the water coolers and be available if there are any students who can't march the whole 3 mile route.  As soon as we know more details we will let you know!



THIS FUNDRAISER HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE HUGE..... without you spending a penny!




It will need every student as well as some parents for it to work.


Neighborhood Canvas Day

Sat Oct 3rd 9am-10am

Meet at Lake Olympia Marina Clubhouse

We will set the kids into teams to put leaflets on doors to advertise the flag day service throughout the Lake Olympia Estate.

Displaying the Flags

Friday Oct 10th 5pm

On this day we will need parents or seniors with a truck to pick up flags from school for the teams, and drive around with the kids as they put the flags out in their designated area

Collecting the flags

Tuesday Oct 14th 4pm

On this day we will need parents or seniors help again to drive around with the groups to pick up the flags and return them to school (unless you have room in your garage to store them!!)



This year we are going to be relying heavily on the CHARMS band program, if you have not heard of this, it is a computer program set up for Band directors to make their life a little easier. We need you to make sure that your contact details are fully up to date. This way we can keep you informed on what is happening with your child(ren). Click here for instructions on how to update your details.